Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Demand!!

I'm flattered, dumbfounded, overwhelmed, surprised, honoured ....

Get the picture??

For the first time in my life I am a "wanted woman"!

I have had job offers coming at me left and right. It's amazing having people ring you out of the blue, stroke your ego, and sweet talk you all in an attempt to get you to work for them.

I do take pride in my work, and I do think I am competent at what I do. I don't think I warrant the accolades that some potential employers are heaping on me though.

I'd also like to take this information and rub it in the face of a couple of people at a former workplace who made comments that I had no bargaining power when it came to jobseeking and they could pay me under market rate because no one else would employ me (TIP: watch who you cc emails to, especially if you are replying to a message!)

I just wish timimg could have been better.

I really don't know if/when/how much I will work after the baby comes (next week?!).

All my potential "suitors" know my situation and are bending over backwards to say how flexible they will be and are happy to wait for me to start when I'm ready - provided I can give a commitment to them now that I WILL come on board.

What to do???

DH is telling me that if I am in demand now, I should still be in demand in 3-6mths when I will be more settled and can make more realistic decisions about what a want workwise.

I hope he is right.