Thursday, February 01, 2007

Turn me, baby

Well, I was in for a surprise today at the Drs. This baby has been in breech position forever, but I was so confident that he had turned since my last Drs visit, I hardly paid attention to his explanation of what would have to be done if he hadn't turned when I was to see him again.

I should have. Baby hadn't turned. So Dr proceeded to perform ECV (External Cephalic Version). With him grunting, his knuckles cracking, and me wincing as he had his thumbs jammed into my tummy, he concluded by saying that the baby had turned and that would have been classed an "easy version". I would have hate to have seen a "difficult" one.

I was sent upstairs to the labour ward to be put on monitoring for 20mins. Dr popped in during that time as he had a lady labouring, and asked me to stay longer as the baby wasn't as active as he should be. Got given the all clear after 30 mins, but told to watch out for signs of labour or less movements from baby.

An anxious night ahead, me thinks. I don't know if it related to the procedure, but I now have a splitting headache (headaches and high BP were an issue late in preg with MsA), and a generally sore tummy and pubic area. Hope baby has his usual active period this evening, cos he is still very quiet. Thought he would have protested being moved from his evidently comfortable breech position!