Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moody mama!

LOL! saw this floating around ...

My husband was unhappy with my mood swings.
He bought me a mood ring the other day,
in an attempt to monitor my ?moods.
We've discovered that
when I'm in a good mood,
it turns a beautiful blue-green. ?
When I'm in a bad mood,
It leaves a big red mark on his forehead.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I want to talk!!!!


Sunday nights are our go across the road to the hawker centre for cheap eats night. I've been moping around all day (still!) and DH asked what I wanted for dinner. I said I wanted something really light, like sushi, but there is no where close by to get it. I went to check the fridge for an alternative and mentioned I felt like a beer (v unusual for me). DH commented on it it being "one of those days" and I replied saying "yep, I'm sick of not knowing what I want to be doing in my life at the moment - or what I CAN do". Suprisingly, DH said nothing other than he was going to get dinner ... I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a discussion.

So still DH does not know/will not hear my concerns re our savings/finances, my desire for another baby, and how these impact on us staying in singapore or returning to our home country. Is it disinterest/fear/or plain ignorance?? Just as I am frustrated about my lack of control over my work situation, I am frustrated about this ongoing poor communication and it is wearing me down.


It has been a week since MIL left and I have been able to "reclaim" my home. You would think that I would be running around happily rediscovering my space ... but alas, a major energy drain sees me doing nothing but getting the kids off to school and spending the day moping around. Yes, having MIL on her mad shopping spree tired me out, but I think this is one of my cyclical apathetic moods .... no energy, no motivation, feeling stressed and depressed re finances/work/family. How long with this last??