Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lisa's at it again!

Gosh, you gotta be quick around here! I went to visit Lisa Vollrath's site in order to download the last of her St Pat's inspired images as I've been away from a computer for 10 days (and for once, not missing it!), but they had been taken down. Never fear, in their place is the Great Easter Download (starting April 1). Take a look!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Irish!

St Patty's Day is coming up (although the parade has already occurred in Singapore, why???).

Lisa Vollrath is at it again, offering free image downloads, this time with a distinctly green feel. Take a look!!

I do get inspired when I see her mixed media work.

I think I will print these ones out straight away, as it is not like I have time to fiddle around with the printer when the urge strikes to create something at the moment.

MrM has provided the perfect creative challenge: art in 5mins!
It's not like he naps long enough for me to create for any longer.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time to get crafty??

My hiatus from crafting may soon be coming to an end.
It's not like I have heaps of time or energy for creative pursuits, but there could be some "environmental changes" in the next month or so that will make it easier.

I am considering taking the plunge and joining my bud in her craft business. She has major plans for expansion, but no time to implement them (being an international lawyer can be a drag!). We went through her business plan yesterday and I'm tempted to give her a provisional green light to look at incorporating her existing business, however I better wait til DH returns from KL and get his feedback.

I'm (jokingly) wondering whether MsA had a hand in the scheming and planning in getting me involved in this opportunity as one of the big plans is exhibiting at CHA next winter (Feb). I know I won't want to leave MrM (or the other kids) for the week the trip will take, so it may end up being a family trip. The downside is that may impact on our plans to go home for Christmas. The upside (for MsA and MrT anyway) is that the show is in Anaheim - the home of DisneyLand!!


As you can imagine, time online is limited now by the demands of baby. Generally things have been going well. I'm surprised by how quickly I recovered: no excessive tiredness, no baby blues etc. Thanks to necessity I guess - I had two other kids to keep me busy.

Some key happenings over the last 3 weeks:

- MrT's b'day party at home. It rained again - 2nd year his bday bbq has been washed out.
- My "confinement experience" - Vani, the postnatal therapist came for a week to give massages, use jamu (herbs), and abdominal binding to help me get my girlish figure back (ha!)
- the struggle in getting MrM's photo so we could submit citizenship and passport applications. (++ hard to get baby photo with mouth closed, eyes open, hands down, head straight, looking straight ahead)
- 2 more job offers!!!