Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

Last night we all went to a wedding of a colleague of mine from work.

It was the first Chinese wedding I had been to. The evening started off poorly - DH was late leaving work, so he got his taxi to pick us up and go onto the venue, and had no chance to change or freshen up. Apparently the taxi driver was in a foul mood and resented having the extra pickup (you think he would be happier about having a larger fare!). The taxi gave us the runaround and took us to the wrong destination. I was so angry. The invitation specified meal to be served at 7.30 and requested everyone be punctual. I guess I shouldn't have worried. Proceedings didn't start until 8.30.

As usual the kids were centre of attention. Mr T was a bit tired and grumpy as he had a cold, but quickly perked up when familiar faces from school came and said hello to him. He apparently stole the show with the bride's father during the "table toasts" (I was outside talking to a friend).

Ms A showed she is definitely soaking up info at school. She was aghast when sharks fin soup was served and was a real little conservationist, refusing to eat it. She did her best to read the chinese menu and was saying "xie xie" at every opportunity.

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I've heard so many things about the different practises at Chinese weddings, but there really was little that was that unusual. Yes, there is lots of food. Yes, there are costume changes for the bride. There are also tables full of people having a good time, bestowing blessings on the happy couple. The strangest thing about a Chinese wedding dinner is that here in Singapore at least it happens well after the "official" wedding/licensure (?) at ROM.

I guess you have to save up to party!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

hmmm .... nesting or moaning???

Well, I guess I'm entitled to be a pain to live with at the moment. I am 38 wks pregnant afterall.
After having a pretty emotionally stable pregnancy (from my perspective anyway - and DH has been nice enough not to dispute it) I ended up in tears this morning all because I couldn't get a document to print properly and then I couldn't trim a photo properly. I stormed off to the shower and left DH to sort it out. Felt much better after the shower, but couldn't help but notice that DH had cut out the wrong photos. See, you don't have to be pregnant to make mistakes!

My bud Kristy (from Far Flung Craft) would be surprised/relieved/gloating if she saw me now. I am seriously looking through old photo albums (the "toxic" magnetic page ones) with the view of redoing them in more archivally safe "scrapbook" style albums. I cringe even as I write "scrapbook" cos I said I would never do scrapbooking. I'm trying to make it sound more like journalling or creating artist albums - but given that I am going to have to buy some definate scrapbooking products I know Kristy won't let me get away with it!

The reason for my new found interest in looking through photo albums that have happily sat in a box for the 4yrs we have been in Singapore, plus probably many more years before that is purely nesting. These boxes have just been sitting against the wall in our bedroom for years, and now need to be moved to accommodate baby stuff.

So today I plan to head off to Spotlight to buy some elastic to use to adapt sheets into fitted cot sheets (our cot is way smaller than the cot sheets we already have). I will also walk down the dreaded scrapbooking aisle to buy some acid neutralising/archival spray for some newspaper clippings, photo corners, and maybe a "proper" album with page protectors. I will NOT venture into the scrapbooking store in the same shopping centre. I do have an image to maintain :)

Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What the ?????

I can't believe it!!! Just saw an ad on TV that a Dark Side of the Moon concert with Roger Waters is touring Asia. held my breathe for dates in Singapore - none forthcoming.

Thought that's OK, I'll splurge and go to HK to watch it ... hang on .... its in 4wks .... can't be, I'm having a baby in 3wks.

I had always joked that if ever Pink Floyd reformed I would be at the concert no matter what - even if I was due to give birth. Never did I think that situation would actually arise!!! Somehow I don't that my OB/GYN would agree to schedule an elective c-section early just so I could go see a concert ....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sick and tired...

Thankfully not both at once.

I am tired. DH is sick. Of course a man who is sick is likely to make me frustrated - why can't "sick" men either:

  1. suck it up and get on with it
  2. go to the doctor and actually FOLLOW instructions (ie take medication when indicated, and FINISH IT)

I am 37wks pregnant and can't sleep due to the growing discomfort. DH does not need to give me practice in childcare in advance! He could always be proactive and look after his health!

(Should I mention that this is probably his 3rd or 4th visit to the doctor since Xmas??? Do you think maybe a review of lifestyle and stress is in order?)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I just spent a fun morning at home with a lady I have met only once before.

She was to have been my maternity leave locum, but decided that not only did she not have the skills to do the job, she was not happy with the arrangement/offer made by her/my employer. I must say that I was impressed by her decision, as I know I have felt at various times that I have been taken advantage of by my employer and my value not really considered. She has been strongly encouraging me not to be limited by my current situation, to think outside the box and show my "power" by demanding improved employment conditions with either the same or different employers. She has also made the idea of setting a private practice up seem much less daunting.

Lots to think about.

Anyway, I just spent the morning with her in what I would call a mentoring session. She doesn't have much experience with paeds, and was particularly concerned about her assessment skills. We spent some time going through the non-standardised observational assessment battery she has developed. It looks like she has the assessment part under control, but lacks confidence in the interpretation and treatment planning side of things. We talked about lots of therapy ideas that she could use in both clinic settings and in setting up home programmes.

It was useful for me too.

I should probably look at setting up a similar kind of arrangement for my professional development. Despite what she and many of the teachers at GSS think I don't have all the answers, and am NOT an expert in current treatment protocols or research. I just had a great weekend learning about SAMONAS, an auditory intervention programme, but I feel no where near ready to confidently prescribe this protocol. I would love to have supervision in using it for a while, and someone to challenge my clinical reasoning and encourage me to look at outcome measures more than I do.

Awaiting the transformation

When he sets his mind on it ....

I have an Apple notebook.

Hmmm, it's funny how DH can sometimes see things through without any reminders, and other times it is like pulling teeth! DH was obviously very motivated to look for a computer solution, as less than 24hrs after raising the topic he came home with a laptop. I'm not entirely sure what the situation is - if it's a trial or anything.

I'm continuing to use my PC though, as surprise, surprise, the Mac can't quite remember how to connect to our home network, despite DH setting it up last night.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on DH to follow up on some more "trivial" matters he agreed to attend to last year: the money man, the A/C man, speaking to the landlord re possible water in the ceiling etc ....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Technologically challenged

Well, I can't work it out. I borrowed a book from the library, specifically focussing on publishing a blogger blog, as I was finding going back and forth with the online help frustrating, and I still can't get my blog to do what I want. I think the main problem is lack of a good graphics/photo editing program. I am reluctant to download any of the freebie/trial ones from the web as last time I did that (when I started the blog aeons ago) driver incompatibilities or something kept on causing my laptop to crash.

There is a chance that I will be farewelling my loyal laptop soon. It is old (in terms of computer lifespans), slow, heavy ... and never available to me as the kids have become tec heads.

Even MrT at not quite 5yrs is capable of using the internet. He very proudly showed me how he could type the web address that was listed on the packaging from one of his Christmas toys into the browser. He can't read yet, but he definately knows "open", "exit", "next", "play". Amazing!!

Anyway, DH has been hinting heavily that he would like to make the switch to Mac platform. He tries to justify it by saying it would help the kids who are using Macs at school. He tries to appease me by telling me how Windows works on it, so I don't have to learn a new OS, that much of the kids PC software is somehow compatible too, and that we can have a mixed network at home with both PC and Mac with no problem.

I'm not sure I believe the "no problem" scenario. But the big plus is that he is trying to line up a "no cost" to us solution. Can't fault that! With baby expenses, me not working, upcoming travel, and some uncertainty with DH's work that is an important factor.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling appreciated

Yesterday I popped into work to see how things were going with the locum (there were initial concerns!). I was taken back by how warmly I was greeted by everyone. I don't thinkI have ever felt so much that I was part of a "team" as I do at GSS - even though I work part time, and am not employed by GSS. GSS do not see me as a contractor to them, I am one of them, and it is great!

It was quite funny that as soon as the teachers had said hello I was bombarded with questions/updates etc regarding the kids in their classes. I spoke to the principal afterwards and she said the teachers must really miss the support that I was able to give when I was there. The principal has been quite innovative and solved the locum problem by employing a husband/wife team to provide joint therapy. There were concerns that individually neither of them had sufficient skills/confidence etc, but working together it looks like they will make a powerful team. They spent a lot of time over the holidays reorganising the therapy room, and it looks great! I wish them well.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to school - the end of an era

Today was the last day of the school holidays. Both kids are back to school tomorrow. Neither of them are overly excited, although they are looking forward to seeing friends again. They quickly got into the habit of doing nothing, so while they complained about being bored from time to time (often!) they evidently became very comfortable with the lack of structure and demands placed on them. Hope that doesn't cause any problems when they go back.

We were going to go out and have a celebratory treat this afternoon to mark the end of the hols, but the kids got tied up with playdates. We might do something tomorrow to mark the first day back at school instead.

I was actually feeling a little frustrated that we didn't go out. Yet another thing on my "to do during the holidays" list that didn't happen. If I think about it in reference to my last post though, I realise that the actions don't matter so much ... we had fun together, which was more important.

Sudden realisation: this was my last holidays having just the two kids at home. Next time around there will be another. I really need to find as much 1 on 1 time with the kids as I can!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Intentions ...

I'm not foolish enough to say "my resolutions", but here is what I hope/plan the future will be:

  • opening my eyes to see the beauty around me. Even in the mundane elements of life.
  • setting time aside each week for "me time", where I indulge in my own selfish pleasures, be it a bubble bath, a secret icecream, reading a trashy novel in bed, or journalling.
  • setting aside time each week to connect with my DH one on one - and not just to deal with "business" eg family/family/work issues.
  • appreciating my kids for who they are, and indulging THEIR individual pleasures.

That's it. Of course I'd like to add things like exercise more, do more (any!) stamping, etc but I really want to focus on attitudes not just actions.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What a difference a year makes!

A new year, a new energy.

After an absence of 1 whole year from blogging, lots of work, lots of personal frustrations and NO time spent on creative ventures, it's time to try again.

I need to relearn (well, learn for the first time) the intricacies of blogging.

Perhaps I will look at making my previous entries private in the future, as I aired some negative stuff - which may have been exactly what I needed, but was probably not fair for the others mentioned. Then again, I may leave it, 'cos we all have ups and downs!