Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Birth Story

Matthew Ryan arrived at 1.53am on Wednesday 14th, Valentine's Day.

So much for our "golden piggy" CNY baby. MrM surprised us by coming only 3 days late - not the anticipated 10+ days.

Relatively easy natural delivery. Had been having Braxton Hicks contractions fairly regularly all day (and all week!), not sure when real labour started. Ended up going to the hospital about 10pm, thinking this may well be the real thing, but would not have been surprised to have been sent home. Dr came in and examined me - 3cm and fully effaced. Said it looks like the start of active labour, so keep moving, and nurses would check on me again in 4hrs. With that comment I thought that meant I was in for a long night of labouring.

By midnight I had hopped in the tub for pain relief and my resolve for no pain relief was weakening. When the midwife popped in about 12.45 I asked about timeframe for epidural, knowing that sometimes it can take an hour or more for the anesthetist to administer it. Midwife asked me to get out of the tub so she could examine me and see how fast things were progressing. She seemed suprised that I was 6cm, and said she didn't think there would be time, as she started preparing the room or delivery, and I started sucking on the air/gas like there was no tomorrow!

My waters broke on the table about 1.30 and shortly after I felt the urge to push. Check: 8-9cm. I remember looking up at the clock at 1.39 when the midwife said the dr was on the way. I couldn't believe it when she asked me to lay straight (legs down) so as to reduce the urge to push. It felt like she said "cross your legs and wait for the dr". Thankfully dr wasn't far away. As soon as he walked in he said "push with the next contraction if you want to". DH said afterwards that he was taken by surprise at how quickly the whole thing happened. It felt like it only took 3 or 4 pushes and out he came!

He had the roundest head!!!

That was the one feature that I focussed on. My beautiful boy was put straight on my chest, DH was able to cut the cord when it stopped pulsing, and we stayed there for over half an hour. I was given the opportunity to put him on the breast, which he took to straight away. DH took a few photos and everytime the flash went there was a huge startle and a look of major panic in his eyes.

When it was time to go up to the ward I was asked if I a wheelchair was OK. I said it wasn't needed, as I was happy to walk up. Little did I realise that she meant can you manage getting ito a wheelchair, or would you prefer to be transported up on the bed!

At about 3.30am we decided to ring Oz for early (6.30) wake up calls to our families to tell them the news. DH went home shortly after, but I was too excited to sleep. I ended up sending sms to everyone at 5am with birth announcement. I was embarassed that I must have woken a few people up, as I got immediate replies ... people really shouldn't sleep with their phones!