Sunday, February 11, 2007

The time is now ... EDD

Surprise! My EDD is today, but still no sign of baby. Had Dr appointment on Thursday, and while there was good news that baby had stayed in head down position (I was certain he had turned again), he was still high in my tummy, with Dr suggesting at least another 7-10 days wait. I had a busy day on Friday, and I think all the walking helped the baby drop lower, but still not engaged.

Looks like it will be A CNY baby after all.

To think I was concerned that baby would come on the 18th (MrT's b'day), but apparently he has given up all talk of a b'day party because he is excited about the baby arriving on his b'day as HIS b'day present! Now what do I do if baby comes earlier/later??? DH is supposed to be in charge of b'day present this year (as I expect to be preoccupied!!), but he hasn't done anything yet. Hope he gets organised!

On homefront news. Dad had a review at the cardiologist on Friday. Dad seemed pretty blase about the whole thing. Apparently he will have to go to the city for an angiogram and some other testing. Mum happened to mention in passing that she will be seeing a surgeon too about getting her gallbladder removed. It's times like these I hate being half a world away from my family. To top it all off mum is trying to talk me out of flying in for a quick visit with the baby, cos she thinks it's too far and too much for us to handle. I just want to see my parents!!