Sunday, March 11, 2007


As you can imagine, time online is limited now by the demands of baby. Generally things have been going well. I'm surprised by how quickly I recovered: no excessive tiredness, no baby blues etc. Thanks to necessity I guess - I had two other kids to keep me busy.

Some key happenings over the last 3 weeks:

- MrT's b'day party at home. It rained again - 2nd year his bday bbq has been washed out.
- My "confinement experience" - Vani, the postnatal therapist came for a week to give massages, use jamu (herbs), and abdominal binding to help me get my girlish figure back (ha!)
- the struggle in getting MrM's photo so we could submit citizenship and passport applications. (++ hard to get baby photo with mouth closed, eyes open, hands down, head straight, looking straight ahead)
- 2 more job offers!!!