Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Technologically challenged

Well, I can't work it out. I borrowed a book from the library, specifically focussing on publishing a blogger blog, as I was finding going back and forth with the online help frustrating, and I still can't get my blog to do what I want. I think the main problem is lack of a good graphics/photo editing program. I am reluctant to download any of the freebie/trial ones from the web as last time I did that (when I started the blog aeons ago) driver incompatibilities or something kept on causing my laptop to crash.

There is a chance that I will be farewelling my loyal laptop soon. It is old (in terms of computer lifespans), slow, heavy ... and never available to me as the kids have become tec heads.

Even MrT at not quite 5yrs is capable of using the internet. He very proudly showed me how he could type the web address that was listed on the packaging from one of his Christmas toys into the browser. He can't read yet, but he definately knows "open", "exit", "next", "play". Amazing!!

Anyway, DH has been hinting heavily that he would like to make the switch to Mac platform. He tries to justify it by saying it would help the kids who are using Macs at school. He tries to appease me by telling me how Windows works on it, so I don't have to learn a new OS, that much of the kids PC software is somehow compatible too, and that we can have a mixed network at home with both PC and Mac with no problem.

I'm not sure I believe the "no problem" scenario. But the big plus is that he is trying to line up a "no cost" to us solution. Can't fault that! With baby expenses, me not working, upcoming travel, and some uncertainty with DH's work that is an important factor.