Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Intentions ...

I'm not foolish enough to say "my resolutions", but here is what I hope/plan the future will be:

  • opening my eyes to see the beauty around me. Even in the mundane elements of life.
  • setting time aside each week for "me time", where I indulge in my own selfish pleasures, be it a bubble bath, a secret icecream, reading a trashy novel in bed, or journalling.
  • setting aside time each week to connect with my DH one on one - and not just to deal with "business" eg family/family/work issues.
  • appreciating my kids for who they are, and indulging THEIR individual pleasures.

That's it. Of course I'd like to add things like exercise more, do more (any!) stamping, etc but I really want to focus on attitudes not just actions.