Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling appreciated

Yesterday I popped into work to see how things were going with the locum (there were initial concerns!). I was taken back by how warmly I was greeted by everyone. I don't thinkI have ever felt so much that I was part of a "team" as I do at GSS - even though I work part time, and am not employed by GSS. GSS do not see me as a contractor to them, I am one of them, and it is great!

It was quite funny that as soon as the teachers had said hello I was bombarded with questions/updates etc regarding the kids in their classes. I spoke to the principal afterwards and she said the teachers must really miss the support that I was able to give when I was there. The principal has been quite innovative and solved the locum problem by employing a husband/wife team to provide joint therapy. There were concerns that individually neither of them had sufficient skills/confidence etc, but working together it looks like they will make a powerful team. They spent a lot of time over the holidays reorganising the therapy room, and it looks great! I wish them well.