Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So what is it all about??

Good question!
Why did I decide to join the masses and start a blog and what on earth does triumph-art refer to?

At this stage, this will be my personal journal. I won't be madly rushing around promoting this site to everyone (anyone!) I know. I don't care if anybody reads it. It will be for me.

It will be a place to vent, to wonder, to cry, to question, to marvel etc about the things that are happening in my life.

It will be a place where I hope positive energies are restored.

Think positive, be positive.

  • Just as I've followed the masses in the trend of starting a weblog, I'm realising that (like so many others) I've been living without purpose and intent to my actions for a long time. It's time for me to find out who I am, what I'm passionate about, and to be happy.

    This I know already:

  • I am passionate about seeing beauty in the world around me.
  • I am a paper artist. (Wow! That's the first time I've used that title to describe what I had previously referred to as a "hobby" or "craft").
  • I love being a mother.
  • I am the owner of a 1975 Triumph Stag, Mark II. Now that is art!!!! Unfortunately my car is in a different country to where I currently live, and it has not been driven for a number of years. But it is still ART! (and it is a beautiful beast when it is on the road *grin*).
Now, if only the rest of my life was so clearly defined.
And so begins the journey of self discovery .....