Sunday, July 24, 2005

The longest 40 days!

I've had Rick Warren's book for months and have finally decided to take the 40 day challenge. I had been waiting until my DH was in the country for 40 consecutive days so we could do it together, but alas with his schedule it looks like that will never occur! The challenge recommends journalling your thoughts in response to the daily stimulus readings. I have taken this one step further and am creating an art journal. It seemed the perfect opportunity to set some regular creative time aside and to form an art "habit".

Despite all the reationale the bookgives about why "40 days" is important I have seen from the outset that this project is going to take much longer to complete. I take one day with the reading and thinking about my reactions to it, then another day to actually create the journal page (especially if I do background techniques and need to wait for it to dry before I journal over it).

Only 2 days (4 days) into it and I've been put on hold. My art space (aka study aka music room aka guest room) is about to be taken over by the visiting MIL for the next 2 wks.

I'll be lucky to finish this 40 day project by the end of the year at this rate!!