Friday, July 22, 2005

A curious incident ... at MOM

I finished reading A curious incident last week. It raised mixed feelings as I am supposed to start working at a special ed school with kids with similar diagnoses/issues at the start of August. I was actually supposed to start in May(?memory is fading it was *so* long ago), however have been awaiting the Government to approve my work permit. I have never heard of someone already in Singapore on a Dependent Pass having difficulty getting the "endorsement" (Letter of Consent) to work. My profession is even listed on the foreign talent wanted (or whatever they call it) list. The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) website says the process takes 2 wks. It took 3 mths til I finally found out that the LOC was rejected. No reason given. Since then, my employer and I have lodged an appeal using an employment agent (who reputedly has great success) and I had hoped to hear the outcome this week. Frustrating!!!! I really want to get back to work (even though I know the position will be very challenging), but it is out of my hands for now.