Friday, July 29, 2005

My baby is a big boy

MrT has been nagging me to find him a "school" for ages. We finally decided on small kindergarten within walking distance from home and went in today to register with the view of him starting next week. MrT tried on the new uniform and refused to take it off, saying he was staying at school .... guess what .... he did!!!!

He was SOOOOO excited and told everyone who walked past that he was starting school. He didn't follow the teacher to the classroom - he RAN infront! He told me "go home now mummy, I'm staying at school now and the teacher can look after me".

I guess I should be proud that he is so confident and excited about school. I am ... but mainly sad that my little boy is now big!

When we picked him up after school all the way home he talked nonstop about how much he liked his new school and new uniform. It was such an effort to get him to change his clothes - and he insisted on undressing himself. 15min long minutes later he had undone shirt buttons for the first time in his life. Such a change ... I have been frustrated by how dependant he has become on Liza to do basic things ... but now he wants to do it all himself, because that is what big kids do!