Sunday, July 31, 2005

The decadent chocolate fountain

Yum!!! Went out to dinner last night with MIL and some of my stamping friends. It was the first time I had been to one of the dinner buffets at the big hotels - shameful, I know!

I'm not sure what was the highlight ... the tons of fresh seafood, the dumpling man, the yummy curries. Who am I kidding??? The highlight was definately the dessert bar, and while the DIY ice kachang was cool, and the cakes and kueh yummy, the supreme dessert was the chocolate fountain.

I watched for a while to see how others were making the most of the choc, fruit, and ice cream. I opted for the freshly made waffle cone, stuffed with choc coated fruit (done fondu style under the fountain), drizzled in raspberry puree, with vanilla ice cream on the side.

It was soooo good I had to have seconds, just to make sure it was not a fluke that dessert could be so yummy!