Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The illusion of security...

Hmmm ... how quickly things change.

Just when I thought DH was happy with the changes at work, he gets a call from China about a job he applied for about the same time things were coming to a head in his office. Suffice it to say he has had phone interview, interview at local office, and is due to fly to China in 2 wks (when he returns from Oz biz trip)for final interview.

I'm trying to be supportive, as I understand it's a great opportunity for him. It's hard to be too excited as not only am I unimpressed with the location of the job, I'm also unimpressed with the amount of travel this position is said to entail: 30-50%.

I don't want to be, in effect, a single mum. I don't care about the huge $$ he may earn. I'd rather have a happy family. We are happy in Singapore now. Would we be happy in China? Time will tell I guess.