Monday, April 09, 2007

The beginning of an empire???

Wow, how fast things change.
I have been offered the opportunity essentially to create my own OT empire.
Who'da thunk it??
I was initially dumbfounded, now I think it's laughable ... it's just so *NOT* me. But I still have to work out how to get out of it ...

I've been hounded by a former teacher from GSS who has set up her own school and wanted me to consult. I went in as they were setting up, as a gesture of good will at 38wks preg to give them some advise, and agreed that we would talk about me joining them part time in August to supervise the therapist they had already recruited.

Sounded simple enough.

Anyway, met with them at their request last week - thought it was just a "meet the baby" thing, only to be given a sob story about being unable to commence OT services and have them beg me to come in for a couple of hours a week straight away to at least do initial screening and support the teachers. Being the softie I am, I said yes, on the proviso that MrM could come too. They agreed.

I ended up registering a new business name the next day, and sent a proposal to the school outlining scope of services and fees. The principal got back to me over the weekend with a proposal of her own. She offered to create a partnership to bankroll my business, provide space and admin support in return for access to therapy services for all their kids. I don't know if she has suggested this as a way of minimising what she would have to pay me - cos although I'm a soft touch and obviously can't say no, I have no problem charging market rate for my services!!