Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The never ending birthday

Ms A is 8 today. It's amazing to look at what a sincere, caring, beautiful, and fun loving girl she has become. Love you lots, my one and only gorgeous girl!

MsA hasn't had a proper party for at least 3 yrs, so we thought we would go all out this year. We started early with a surprise trip to Fullerton Hotel on Friday night for the chocolate buffet. Mmm... yum! Highlights: hot chocolate bar with at least 8 different types of choc to choose/mix and match; the bread and butter pudding; some kind of mousse/pudding; and of course the choc fountain.

On Saturday we had her official birthday party at the ice skating rink. There were 17 kids in all (I didn't expect everyone to come since it was a 4 day long weekend), and they all seemed to have fun. I, on the otherhand was in a foul mood as not only did the ice rink fail in every aspect of customer service, I didn't get any b'day cake as DH threw the last piece out as he helped to clean up. :(

I was very proud of MsA. She received heaps of presents. She unwrapped them all, but didn't protest when we told her she could only open one new gift a day. She also sat down with Daddy and printed off photos of each of her guests to send with a personal thankyou note.

Today - the official bday - has been a pretty low key affair. We went into Orchard Rd and had brunch at Swenson's before watching a Maori cultural performance. Daddy was going to take the kids to the movies this afternoon, but being a public holiday, the cinemas were packed so he gave it a pass.