Thursday, April 12, 2007

A manager who finally gets to manage!

Yay! I'm so happy for my DH.

Things have been really tough for him at work for the longest time. He often talks about leaving his job, but as we want to stay in Singapore and our visas are linked to his employment that is not as easy as it sounds. Anyway, there has been a major shake up at his office, with the boss being sacked due to performance issues (personally and as a business unit). There was uncertainty about who would take over, but finally a new external appointment was made.

In the 10 days he has been on board he has reviewed staffing and has reassigned people. DH, who had been working alone (as they were never able to replace the staff that left last year) has immediate approval to hire 3 staff, and is waiting from approval from head office to hire another 3.

DH has had the title of manager for ages, but never really got to use it. He is pretty impressed that the new boss thinks he can handle a team of 7. He is also impressed that apparently people are now recognising that he has been doing the work of 4 (or more). Hopefully we will see more of him at home now.