Monday, June 08, 2009

A weekend of small celebrations

Yay for the kids!
It's time to hold my kids up high and help them celebrate their recent achievements.

On Saturday MrT had a great soccer game and received the award for best on field. He scored the first goal with a powerful kick some distance from the goal, and spent the rest of the game following the ball intently. Sorry only Daddy got to see you play this week (I was home with sick kids!)

Then, Saturday afternoon, at Chinese school, MrT was due to change classes to a "beginner: non chinese speaking background" class, but at the last moment his teacher told him he would be placed in the "chinese speaking background class" because he has been doing so well, and keeping up with the native chinese speakers in his class previously. Wow! Don't know if this is due to his Chinese exposure in Singapore, because he had certainly forgotten everything before he started lessons here this year.

Not to be outdone, MsA was promoted in her swimming on Sunday. The kids have only been having lessons for about 3 wks in preparation for Nippers next summer. MsA has lessons twice a week, MrT once a week. MsA is so impressed, as she can see that obtaining (pool) swim proficiency (200m in 5min) at the start of nippers season is looking more achievable.

Not forgetting MrM, where everyday with him is the celebration of new skills. MrM, my late talker, is speaking like crazy now. New words are emerging everyday, and I love hearing his little sentences (which no one but family can understand - articulation can come later!). He is also developing an amusing sense of conscience, and has no qualms dobbing his siblings in if he thinks they have done something wrong.

I love you all, my gorgeous kids.