Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time to get crafty??

My hiatus from crafting may soon be coming to an end.
It's not like I have heaps of time or energy for creative pursuits, but there could be some "environmental changes" in the next month or so that will make it easier.

I am considering taking the plunge and joining my bud in her craft business. She has major plans for expansion, but no time to implement them (being an international lawyer can be a drag!). We went through her business plan yesterday and I'm tempted to give her a provisional green light to look at incorporating her existing business, however I better wait til DH returns from KL and get his feedback.

I'm (jokingly) wondering whether MsA had a hand in the scheming and planning in getting me involved in this opportunity as one of the big plans is exhibiting at CHA next winter (Feb). I know I won't want to leave MrM (or the other kids) for the week the trip will take, so it may end up being a family trip. The downside is that may impact on our plans to go home for Christmas. The upside (for MsA and MrT anyway) is that the show is in Anaheim - the home of DisneyLand!!