Sunday, October 30, 2005

a walk in the park

I've been dying to spend some quality time with DH. We are both really tired and busy at the moment and it feels like forever since we took some time out for ourselves.
We just had a really nice picnic lunch at the BBQ areas downstairs. I would have loved to have just walked aimlessly hand in hand and talk about everything and nothing. I tried to think about the last time we did that ... it hasn't happened since we had kids, 6+ yrs ago. No wonder we are drifting apart. We haven't found a time or place to "connect".
Our first "special" place when we were dating was Petersham Park. We used to go for walks there at night, and just sit by the rotunda and share our dreams. We did go a couple of times when the kids were small to sit and watch the baseball games. This was definately a happy place.
Another place was the beach and cliffs around Coogee. This tended to be a place we went to when we wanted to reflect on something. Lots of icecream, hugs and tears shared.

Ohh, what I would give to find a Petersham Park here!!!