Monday, October 31, 2005

The things we do...

...for love... not necessarily of our partner, but for our fave hobby!

In a moment of pure insanity I decided to go to Melbourne the weekend before last for a arts exhibition/convention.
I caught the overnight flight on Wednesday, travelled a couple of hrs by train to spend thurs and Fri with my parents, bussed it back to melbourne saturday morning (as the trains were off), shopped and socialised madly for two days, flew back sunday night and showed up bright and early for work on monday!
It was an opportunity to blow my hard earned first pay cheque. Boy, did I achieve that! Spent way more than I intended. Have no excuse not to spend more time on my art as I have so many supplies and new toys to play wih now.
I just need to find time to use them. Still haven't unpacked as had the most hectic week at work, and still trying to finish off a couple of reports.