Thursday, March 05, 2009

Consumption issues

Have you ever noticed the more you have of something, the less you use it? Maybe it's just me.
I suffer this issue with regards to my art supplies.
I remember when I first started my paper arts journey years ago, I had few supplies (largely because the market was much smaller and fewer products were out there), but I was happily creating with them.

I was much more prolific with my art and enjoyed participating in the few small online groups that supported the craft.
Now there are hundreds of groups, thousands of products. The market has grown amazingly.

For me, that is not a great thing. I have been sucked into the marketing and bought more and more. I spend more time looking at magazines and blogs etc looking for inspiration and new ideas (and then getting intimidated by what I see, or ending up woith long shopping listd of the latest must have products) than I do actually coming up with my own ideas and actually using the products I already have. I mean, how many black inkpads do you need???

This weekend CraftFest is on. It's yet another craft fair which is launching. I have decided NOT to go. I have also decided I will miss many of the other shows this year, only going to the Paperarts specific one in October.

This will give me time to use some of the supplies I already have in my craft room, and to be clear what are my "needs", come October.