Sunday, February 01, 2009

and now, back to your regular programming

My impromptu trip to Anaheim is over. I got back home yesterday, and it's now back to normal life. DH did a pretty good job keeping the house organised and the kids entertained. There were a couple of minor tasks that needed to be done that were missed, but never mind.

I had a great time away. I thought I'd miss the kids more than I did, but I guess being so busy and tired had it's advantages.

The CHA show was much smaller and quieter than last year. I think maybe a third smaller. Lots of big players chose not to exhibit. I scary sign of the economy and the state of the industry. The only buzz in the whole event was the appearance of Paris Hilton as she launched her own scrapbook line called pariscreativity. Very much marketted at the tween market and destined to be found at mass distribution chains like Michael's in the US, and Spotlight in Aus/NZ.

The show finished on Wednesday. That evening I walked 2 miles (!!!) for icecream. It was a silly thing to do, especially as it was winter and not what you would call icecream weather. I partly did it out of a sense of obligation. DH had gone to much trouble finding the nearest store that had my favourite flavour, which is not available in Australia. Devouring a full pint of icecream in one night does sound pretty horrendous, but gosh, it was delicious!!

My icecream binge fuelled me for Disneyland the next day. A group of 5 of us went, but only Kristy and myself are fans of BIG rides. We had a blast, numbers in the park were low too, so we were able to have multiple rides without long queues. I was sad that I had to leave early to catch my flight home - missed the fireworks etc.

Glad to be home.