Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where is my phone???

It has to be in the house.
But where?
And why is it ringing out as engaged when I call it from the home phone as I attempt to locate it from it's ring?

I am pulling my hair out in despair,as I can't find my mobile phone. I emailed DH this morning who confirmed I sms'd him last night - and I haven't been out of the house since.

It's worrying that it rings as "engaged" when I try to call it. I would have thought even if it has done it's usual trick of switching itself off, it would divert calls to voicemail. I've searched through this messy house from top to bottom, and am now worrying that MrM's latest trick of packing things away may have gone one step too far. Hopefully not as far as the garbage bin...

It is frustrating because I NEED my phone right now. We only have a few more weeks before we move, and I have so much stuff going on and have given that number to so many people...
Just this morning, we sent out Ms A's birthday invitations using my number as the contact/rsvp number. She won't be happy.