Sunday, April 13, 2008

First steps ... at long last

Mr M is walking. Yay!! It seems like it has taken him forever to get from the cruising furniture, lurching between objects stage, but as of Thursday he is now walking the length of the room unassisted. He of course thinks it is a big joke, and loves the reaction we all give him when he takes a long walk. He still prefers to crawl, as it so much faster and I guess feels more secure for him. I can't remember how long it takes before walking (and running - gasp!) becomes number one after those tentative first steps.

I am so relived it happened before the weekend, so DH could see it. We packed him up and sent him off to Sydney last night to start his new job. He is also tasked with the jobs of finding us a house and school while I stay back here and try to sort and purge our belongings before they get crammed into a shipping container in 7wks. Please Lord, Grant me the patience to get through these next weeks alone with the kids without (wishing) Killing them!!