Saturday, September 03, 2005

Life is so much easier...

... thanks to improving technology. Yeah right! That's what my DH tries to tell me and is the reason I have been "intermittently internet-less" for the last few weeks. Probably a good idea in retrospect cos I would have no doubt filled the blog with my dramas and tales of woe! (Yes, I did cycle again into a "bleak" period - what to blame it on ... PMS, work, DH ... take your pick, lol!)

DH convinced me that it was necessary to upgrade our already superfast broadband connection, justifying it as "testing the technology" for a product they were about to introduce at work. The only reason I said yes was because the cost will be subsidised by work (and not much is these days, so better take advantage!).

Nothing but trouble since the upgrade though. Had to change wireless router and now my laptop can't recognise it. DH was unable to guide me through manual connection, so I was left with occasional access to DH's PC. Have to wonder why I have a laptop - it's not working out to be so portable!