Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking Charge

I've been moping around too long. The bitter cold snap hasn't helped. I've decided to get on with it and move forward. There's no point in pining for the past, or sitting back and waiting for new routines and friends to miraculously appear.

I've had a couple of productive days. I've finally got some of the basic things done - change of address etc, re-establishing contact with my stamping groups, research local childcare and work opportunities. All things that should have been done long ago.

In a way I have been surprised that I have had the most difficulty meeting people. I thought it would have been easy, what with walking the kids to school, finding playgroups for MrM etc. It seems that my concerns that Ms A would struggle making connections when social groups were already well established proved to be not so much a concern for her as for me! I'm going to have to push outside of my comfort zone to try and meet people. I wonder if there are social skills classes for adults??