Monday, March 03, 2008

It's March!!!

What a whirlwind the last few months have been.

Key events:
* US Trip and CHA
* MrM's first birthday
* MrT's 6th B'day and first "real" party
* Ongoing planning re "the move"

We had an amazing 3 wks in California. 2 weeks play, 1 week work. I can moan about how much it cost, but in reality I'm glad we did it, as it will probably be our last family holiday for quite some time. It's disappointing that we didn't make it to Disneyland - especially as we were staying less than 1/2 a mile from the park - but I commend DH for sticking to his guns, saying that we had been to Tokyo Disney, and there is so much more to do in SoCal.

We started in San Francisco, which was lovely (and cold and rainy), however our stay was marred by food poisoning. I succombed first, then MrT, then MsA, finally D. Poor MrT had it bad and was sick all over MsA in bed, and was sick in the car all the next day (thankfully we had vomit bags!!).

We took a very bizarre route leaving SF: north to Muir Woods, then back across the city to Yosemite, then back to San Jose before heading down Highway 1. We stayed in a lovely Queen Anne style B&B at a tiny town called Groveland, outside Yosemite park. We didn't get far into the park cos there was so much snow. We stopped and had snowplay for about 1/2 hr (with Mr M sleeping away in the car) before heading back. I would LOVE to go back there in the Spring/Summer to see the real landscape and go hiking.

The coast road was stunning. I wasn't sure about the merits of taking the "1" all the way - but I'm glad we did. In addition to the natural beauty of the coastline, the other big wonder we saw was Hearst Castle. I thought the kids might have been bored here, but they loved it too. What a decadent time, and what a decadent man!

We drove straight through LA (on a Saturday evening - not the BEST time to do it), to Carlsbad. The Pinnacle of the trip for the kids followed: LEGOLAND!!! It was fun, and I loved seeing the pure JOY on MrT's face. He isn't really a child who has great passions, and because he is my "quiet child" he does seem to get dragged along to places that he may not be interested in - but at least I know he won't complain (unlike MsA!). He was in HEAVEN at Legoland! In the end, that was the only theme park we went to this trip (plans to do more in San Diego were hampered by bad weather), but I am sure he will remember it for a long time :)

There ended the leisure aspect of the trip. We had to drive back up to Anaheim for the work to start at CHA. I'll post about that another time ...this was such a long one!!