Monday, June 11, 2007

Take a deep breath, you will survive

... I said to myself as I realised the repercussions of my brash decision not to bring the laptop on our trip to Australia.

The kids have been fighting over the computer lately, and seem unable to come up with ideas of what to do if not on the computer. My fears have been confirmed - my kids are addicted to the computer. I have been scolding DH for allowing the kids so much time on the computer when I have been away, and even allowing them to each use a computer at the same time (rather than share time or take turns on mine).

I had planned on taking the laptop, and was happy to go without interent access. I was going to use the time constructively to develop my Photoshop skills, organise the millions of photos we have filed badly on the harddrive, and play around with my potential business stationery (but more on that later - DH surprises me again!).

Now I've decided to go cold turkey and we will all break ties from the computer. I said I was doing it for the kids sake -to give them the opportunity to rediscover imaginery play and old fashioned games - but I now realise I have as much of a habit to break too.

Wish me luck!