Saturday, November 12, 2005

concert time

What a day!

First, MsA had her first Grade 1 assembly performance, which was made into a big deal - but given her gala performances last year - was not so big. Half of the grade 1 classes were on stage together, dressed as flowers of different colours, reflecting the multicultural aspect of the school. They sang 3 songs and recited 2 poems, all with a "nature" theme to go along with their current POI unit.

Then, MrT made his stage debut, with an end of year concert for his preschool.
Now that was a big deal!

I had no idea his school was so big - and that he was definately the only caucasian kid. There were 8 K2 classes graduating (160+ kids) in addition to all the younger kids. Every class appeared on stage for an item in elaborate costume, and full makeup. The Christian aspect of the school was definately pushed - nearly every act was a bible chorus. MrT's was in Chinese .... something to do about lost sheep looking for the Shepherd.

Unfortunately MsA couldn't come to MrT's performance (limited seating - as it was we were relegated to watch via TV screen in the waiting room, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing as we got to see MrT before and after he went on stage). MrT walked home in costume and wanted to wake MsA up (it was 10pm). Will have to make do with a re-enactment by both kids tomorrow.

Lots of photos of both events. Even DVD of MrT's concert made by the school (fundraising). Fun!!