Sunday, August 14, 2005

I want to talk!!!!


Sunday nights are our go across the road to the hawker centre for cheap eats night. I've been moping around all day (still!) and DH asked what I wanted for dinner. I said I wanted something really light, like sushi, but there is no where close by to get it. I went to check the fridge for an alternative and mentioned I felt like a beer (v unusual for me). DH commented on it it being "one of those days" and I replied saying "yep, I'm sick of not knowing what I want to be doing in my life at the moment - or what I CAN do". Suprisingly, DH said nothing other than he was going to get dinner ... I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a discussion.

So still DH does not know/will not hear my concerns re our savings/finances, my desire for another baby, and how these impact on us staying in singapore or returning to our home country. Is it disinterest/fear/or plain ignorance?? Just as I am frustrated about my lack of control over my work situation, I am frustrated about this ongoing poor communication and it is wearing me down.